'Nikolsky Male Ensemble' was formed in 2015 as a part of a bigger male choir of the Saratov St Nikolsky Monastery. Saratov is an old Russian city on the banks of the Volga River; it is also famous for its Conservatoire has long-lasting music tradition – in particular, a tradition of a cappella singing of sacred music and Russian folk songs. The Ensemble has done numerous tours, introducing people all over Europe to Russian musical heritage.

Members of the Ensemble are chosen from amongst the finest soloists performing in the Saratov Opera House, the Theatre of Choral Music and Russian Orthodox cathedrals in the region of Saratov.

Each singer has a passionate commitment to Russian music, but they also have an extensive repertoire that includes music written by the great classical composers from Western Europe.

Even though their audience cannot always understand Russian, people are always deeply moved by the beauty and the depth of the music.

The first part of the concert will comprise motets and liturgical pieces from the Eastern Orthodox tradition some of which were written as far back as 300 years ago.

The second part is devoted to Russian folk songs that display a range of feelings and, with their rhythms and tunes, may help the listeners to catch a glimpse of the mysterious “Russian Soul”!

Tickets cost £10.