Fr Jonathan Sibley is the Vicar in Long Sutton and co-ordinator for Social Issues in South Lincolnshire. The group run sessions in which they discuss social issues. 

Their next meeting is on Thursday 12th March at St Mary's Church Hall in Long Sutton, between 10am-2pm.

The theme of the meeting is the mental health and wellbeing of people of all ages and how these are becoming significant areas of concern in our communities and for the health service.

One of the speakers on the day will be from NHS England and they will help those assembled to understand more about this.  Current statistics suggest that one in four of us might need some help at some point in our lives.  There will also be speakers talking about new initiatives being explored regarding this work in the local area and Lincolnshire more widely

All are welcome.

The group are also celebrating ten years since they were established with the encouragement of Bishop Tim of Grantham. 

Fr Jonathan would like to thank everyone who has been involved and who has supported them during this time.  The group has contributed much to their communities in the county and further afield. There are many people who are still vulnerable and need help, so the work of Social Issues in South Lincolnshire continues to highlight and respond to those who suffer with social injustice.

Facebook: Social Issues in South Lincolnshire