St Michael & All Angels Church in Hackthorn is to provide the setting for a very special occasion on Wednesday, 16th May.

It has been announced that there is to be a full peal attempt on the church bells to mark the 75th anniversary of the famous Dambuster’s Raid, which was launched from neighbouring RAF Scampton.

St Michael & All Angels Church is the closest church to RAF Scampton with change ringing bells, and the peal attempt will begin at 4pm.

A full peal usually consists of a minimum of 5040 different changes rung on the bells. A change is a different order in which each of the six bells is rung. This is a continuous piece of ringing with no stopping and usually takes between 2 hours 30 minutes and 3 hours to complete.

On this occasion it has been decided to attempt a slightly longer piece of ringing (more changes) consisting of 6170, and this is to represent 617 Squadron, which undertook the Dambuster’s Raid. The attempt will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

The peal will also be dedicated to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the RAF (1st April 1918). Full peals have already been successfully rung at Coningsby and Waddington (on Tuesday, 3rd April) in recognition of this.

Some of the methods (tunes) have been specifically chosen for this peal, including the ringing of St Clements Bob Minor and Westminster Surprise Minor to represent St Clement Danes Church, the Central Church of the RAF. April Day Doubles will also be rung to represent the date of the founding of the RAF.

Further information on St Michael & All Angels Church in Hackthorn is available here.