The bishops hope this year's ordinations in the diocese will have a very personal flavour for each person being ordained as services accommodate measures to avoid any transmission of the Covid 19 virus. 

Those being ordained deacon had a shortened retreat this week with a great deal of flexibility that provided space to prepare for the upcoming services. Each candidate has a separate service of ordination either in the Cathedral or in their parish church. The services for deacons are being held from Saturday 26th September to Tuesday 29th September. 

The bishops are asking the diocese to hold each person to be ordained in prayer. Those being ordained deacon are; Jane Foster-Smith, Lynne Hawkins, Liz Johnson, Kath Pickering, Barbara Manterfield, Julie Myles, Lynne Smith, Jon Speirs Davies, Teena Twelves, Michelle Webb, Ross Copley, and Helen Eke. Earlier this year those to be ordained were licensed as lay workers due to the delay in their ordination taking place. The ordination of priests will take place from Saturday 3rd October to Tuesday 6th October.