The conviction of Roy Griffiths recognises the appalling crimes he perpetrated while in a position of trust and responsibility at the then Cathedral School. This trial will have brought to the surface profoundly disturbing memories, for the victims of his crimes, their families, and for those who witnessed the abuse of their friends and peers. On behalf of the Cathedral, I want to say that I am truly sorry that these matters have only now been brought to justice. It is deeply shameful that those who were abused have had to spend most of their lifetime dealing with the aftermath of the abuse perpetrated against them. Tragically, for some, justice came too late. The victims and survivors of Griffiths’ horrendous crimes, and the families of those who have died before justice could be served, have shown enormous courage. I wish to acknowledge their bravery in speaking out. Their extraordinary resilience has enabled Griffiths to be brought to justice. It is thanks to them that he now has to account for his actions.

Lincoln Cathedral will continue to support Roy Griffiths’ victims and their families in any way that we can. Our team stands ready to support anyone affected by this case or who contacts us about any issue of harm and abuse. We promise to listen attentively to their stories, walk alongside them in seeking justice and ensure that their voices are heard. We will also pass all information about possible offences to the police, and we will support any investigation.

I wish to pay tribute to the Cathedral’s safeguarding team and to Lincolnshire Police, who saw through the investigation with exemplary skill and resolve. It was from a review of files that the allegations against Griffiths were discovered by the safeguarding team, who acted immediately to inform the police.

We are resolute in our commitment to ensure that Lincoln Cathedral today is a safe place, and to disrupt the conditions in which abuse can happen. We do that by working very closely with partners to provide a safe environment for all who come to the Cathedral.

A filmed version of this message may be viewed here.