‘I am writing to express our deep gratitude for the farewell service and the speeches and gifts that accompanied it.


It was a lovely service and we were delighted that so many of you braved a cold, dark winter afternoon to join us. We felt affirmed and encouraged by the number of people present — either in person or by joining through the Facebook page. 

If we didn’t have an  opportunity to talk with you personally please accept our thanks now.

Bishops don’t get the opportunity to choose the readings and music for services very often so I am grateful to the Dean, the Precentor, the choir and the vergers for their willingness to accommodate my requests — even down to a rumbustious organ voluntary! We also wish to thank the organisers of the refreshments, the stewards and servers.

The speeches were excellent and suitably embarrassing and the gifts were delightful and surprising— as gifts should be. We were grateful for them all. 

The money transfer was welcome at an expensive time and we wanted you to know that we have used it towards a climate-friendly ‘wood’ burning stove for our home in Berwick.

So once again, thank you and goodbye. Our time in Lincoln will provide us with many happy memories for the years to come. 

We wish the people of the Diocese God speed and pray that God will continue to bless you under the leadership of the Bishop of Ely and the Bishop’s Staff.

+Christopher and Susan Lowson’