Faith Pictures is a free resource from Church Army to help Christians of all traditions talk about their own story of faith with confidence. You will find all you need to begin the conversation and run Faith Pictures for your group.

This is aimed at churches of any and all traditions and denominations.


Faith Pictures is six sessions long, each one building on the last to help Christians to see where God has been present in their lives, how they can talk about that confidently, and how God is active in the world around us and wants us to join in with Him. The sessions are:

Opening the Conversation

  • The Power of the Ordinary
  • Traveller’s Tales
  • Talking Pictures
  • Companions on the Journey
  • Hidden Opportunities

Session Structure

Each session is made up of four parts:

  • Discover – A 3-4 minute video introducing the topic.
  • Dive In – An activity to help the group to start thinking about the topic.
  • Going Deeper– Exploring the ideas behind the topic
  • Draw Near– A pattern of prayer to help the group reflect on what has been talked about and how to apply it.

You can find all the materials on the Church Army website.

This item was posted on Wednesday 31st March.