It was a question on a podcast I was listening to in the car ‘So what are you going to be for this year? In a world of division, where it’s all too easy to define ourselves by what we’re against - leave or remain, in or out, this or that. What is it we’re actually going to be positively for as we enter a new year.

For myself I want to be for integrity – I want there to be no gaps between what I say and what I do – I want friends who will point that out when that’s not the case.

I want to be for kindness – even in those times when I have to make hard decisions, I want those decisions to be characterised by kindness – the kind of kindness I would want people to show to me.

I want to be for this planet – to be someone who treasures, respects and cares for this amazing yet fragile world we’ve been given to enjoy.

I want to be for using the time I have well, trying to make a difference, however small that might be, in the different places and opportunities that come my way.

I want to be for love, not just words and sentimental emotion, but expressed outwardly in practical ways – and not just for people who are like me, but for those who are different and sometimes harder to love.

I want my life to show just a little bit more, something of the one whose birth we’ve been celebrating Jesus I say, as a Bishop, I’m trying to follow.

I suspect I’ll fail. I usually do! I suspect I’ll need to start again before too many days, or even hours, have gone …. but at the start of the year, that’s my list of what I want to be for …..

I wonder what your list would be? I hope you have a happy and positive 2020.