A statement from Bishop Christopher:

After a tragic series of violent crimes in the county, the Bishop of Lincoln extends his sympathies and prayers to the families and communities of Louth and St Giles where deaths have occurred in the past week. He is keen to offer the Church’s support to those concerned and those, including Lincolnshire Police, who are responsible for ensuring we live in a safe community.

"As communities in the past year we have learnt to look after each other and check on neighbours. In times such as this, when there is violent crime that can lead to anxiety, our care for each other and expressions of gratitude can be a way to build solidarity. 

"My thoughts and prayers are for those who have died so violently and for their families and communities.  Candles are a sign of hope that often burn in our churches.  As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ is the light of the world and my prayer is that he will bring consolation, comfort and hope to those who are suffering so deeply."

+Christopher Lincoln