The Historic Religious Buildings Alliance are hosting a survey to gather insights from clergy, church staff, congregations and the wider community that will help shape future planning in the response to COVID-19.

The survey has been commissioned in partnership with the Church of England, Historic England, the Association of English Cathedrals, the National Churches Trust and the Historic Religious Buildings Alliance.

The deadline for completion of the survey is Wednesday 30 September 2020. You can access the survey here.

The survey will take around 10-15 minutes to complete. It has three sets of focused questions (one each for clergy, church members, and local communities) of any denomination.

Please choose the category that you feel best represents your role in relation to churches. (NB: If you fit into more than one category, please only complete the survey once for the role that you feel is most relevant).

If you are involved with places of worship in a professional category, the three categories may not be immediately relevant. However, if, in any other aspects of your life, you do fall into one of the three roles, then please do complete the survey in that capacity.

The Revd Dee Dyas, Centre for the Study of Christianity & Culture, University of York, explains the purpose of the survey:

This is an urgent invitation to share your experience and insights in a confidential survey. The information and ideas gathered will help shape future planning and support churches across the country in caring for both congregations and wider communities in these very challenging and demanding times.

This national project has been set up to capture grass roots needs and priorities, support future care for congregations and communities, and help government understand more fully the importance of churches to the life and wellbeing of communities across the country. It is supported by the Church of England/Historic England/Association of English Cathedrals/Historic Religious Buildings Alliance.

"This is your opportunity to share your experience and insights on the last few months in relation to the impact of Covid-19 on churches and their communities.

The aim is to help the Church of England nationally and locally to:

  1. Assess the range of effects of COVID-19 and lockdown on churches as centres of worship and hubs of support, care, community activities and well-being
  2. Share creative responses
  3. Shape planning and future decision-making