As the Revd Carolyn Bailey, Rector of the Ness Group, reports, a new monthly gathering, known as ‘OMG’, has been introduced at St Michael and all Angels Church in Langtoft...

As you walk up to the open door you are met by someone who greets you and shows you in. As you step inside, the music from the Rock of Ages group will surround you, as you are welcomed by tea, coffee and delicious cakes.

Not sure about going in further? Then take a seat at a table by the door, have a read, play a game and just watch from the sidelines. You will see people sat at tables arranged around the church, with Rock of Ages leading the worship songs. After a while we will hear about the theme of the day, words from scripture, some teaching and conversation, a little more music, and then people will start moving around.

There are different zones with OMG: there is the prayer zone where you can leave prayers or where you can sit and pray with someone. If it all becomes a bit much, take some time to chill and relax in another area in a comfy chair or lounger, and pray, think or just be. If you wish to respond to what you are hearing or feeling then the creative zone is for you – a place to respond in a variety of ways. The whole idea of OMG is that the experience is fluid – it is the opportunity to explore or deepen your faith through music, community and more.

The music eventually starts again, and we gather again, if we wish to, and we sing or listen as the experience draws to a close. This is an experience and not a service – there are no pews and no liturgy; just worship and the Holy Spirit. You are invited to come and go as you wish, but do come and try it.

Future dates for the diary: 21st October 2018, 18th November 2018 and 16th December 2018 (all at 6.15pm).