The Revd Michelle Godbold (Rector of Graffoe Parish) has been in touch to share news of a special project that seeks to bless the parish.

During the latter part of the evening on Sunday (15th December 2019), Michelle and a team of volunteers ‘angel bombed’ the parish.

A band of knitters has been busy preparing the angels over a period of several months, and their creations carry the following message:

Please take me home, I'm free.

Happy Christmas!

With love from the Churches of Graffoe

During the course of the evening, 269 angels were left in various locations, and messages of thanks are already being received. In speaking about this special project, Michelle has said: ”We’ve had such a fantastic response from ‘Operation Christmas Angels’. People have been very touched, saying ‘It’s such a special gift for the church to give, thank you’. It really feels as though we’ve helped to bring God’s love out into the streets and the homes of Graffoe this Christmas. I’d like to thank the team of knitters and those who did the angel drop last night for their hard work, time and generosity, as without them it wouldn’t have been possible.”

More information on the Graffoe Parish may be found here.