Like many churches across the diocese, the Team Parish of Gainsborough and Morton has been continuing their church services since lockdown, which are recorded in advance for Sunday. “The pandemic has provided us all with an opportunity to learn new skills and to involve more people in the service, which has been wonderful” says Revd Steve Johnson, Team Rector in the parish.

“We have divided up the service so that in addition to the various members of the ministry team delivering parts, we now have members of the congregation reading the lesson and leading the intercessions, with many using technology for the first time and I think they have enjoyed it!”

 “Now that everyone is a little more comfortable with the technology we went one step further last Sunday with the launch of our ‘After Church Coffee - Zoom style’. This provided a lovely opportunity to enjoy some fellowship, have a face-to-face catch-up and to chat to people which is the first time we have really been able to do this properly although members of the ministry team had been phoning people in the congregation to check they were OK and they were encouraged to phone others too. This is really important as I had only been in post, some four months before lockdown began. We put a post on Facebook asking if people would like to join in our virtual coffee morning and a number of the congregation asked for invitations and joined in, with many commenting how good it was to see and spend time with church friends again.”

In the photo Steve can be seen in the middle of the top row with his wife Liz drinking tea from his favourite mug showing pictures of famous scientists. “I am very pleased it went so well and it was nice to see everyone and have time to have a talk together. This will now be a regular feature of Sunday morning after our church service" said Steve.

This story was published on Wednesday 3rd June 2020.