Archdeacon Justine was recommended as a potential contributor to BBC Radio 2's 'Pause for Thought' and has now recorded eight reflections which will be broadcast through July and August. Two recordings are already available which you can listen to via the BBC2 webpage.

We caught up with Justine to ask her more about how it works:

Q: You have done similar slots on BBC Radio Lincolnshire is this your first time on BBC Radio 2?

A: Yes, as I am new, I am prerecorded, so I've just recorded eight scripts for each week of July and August. 

Q: Are you given free reign as to what to talk about?

A: You are given a theme to work to, and that theme lasts all week for the three Pause for Thoughts each day.  You also have to submit your scripts for approval. 

Q: What inspired you to talk about the topics in the two recordings you have already done?

A: I mulled over the theme, my experience and where I could see God, constantly thinking about how I could as naturally as possible, bring in something from the bible.

The first theme was - what I’m going to do when this all over, so I chose a haircut. And linked it to the way in which what you do with your hair can mark a significant life change, a conversion if you like, though I don’t use that word, a chance or time to live differently. I dedicated it to my friend who has lost her hair through chemotherapy.

The second theme was travelling light. I found it much harder for the ideas to come, but I remembered the rugs I’d bought as my children left home, a piece of home comfort, and Jesus saying: take up your mat and walk.

Q: Are there specific Bible passages that you would like to include or is it a case of feeling inspired and then choosing one? 

A: As a preacher I usually start with the biblical passage and season for a Sunday sermon. With this you have to start with the theme and life experience, so it’s a different process. I look to be inspired by something significant in my life. We are briefed to tell personal stories - that is what people want to hear.

Q: How did you record them?

A: Under the stairs at home we have a little vocal booth because my husband Thomas has been recording prayers for the Church of England - see the Time to Pray app. 

Q: Do you think your son will be annoyed when he discovers the hairdryer is missing?!

A: Well, it wasn’t his hairdryer was it? And he will graciously realise that when he discovers he can’t find it, I expect. Actually it is Thomas who wants to use it. I’m more of a ‘run my fingers through my hair and go, girl‘!

Q: How have you found it?

A: It’s been lovely to do and amazing to think of how many people hear it. I hope they will ask me again! 

This story was published on Friday 17th July 2020.