Following last year’s successful revival of the Christmas Tree Festival, Baston Church are holding a Christmas Celebration of Creation this year with a focus on creation and ways of caring for the environment. 

The event will take place over the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December and there are wreath-making workshops taking place on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December. 

Maryon Avery, a member of the Baston PCC said: "Our Celebration of Creation is a new venture for us and we are all looking forward to seeing what the villagers come up with. People can be so creative - last year a local school made a tree from old tyres."

Here's some of the ways Baston church will be environmentally friendly during their festival:

  • As far as possible - no new decorations. Old ones will be reused, including those made by the WI several years ago from old light bulbs, which were painted and decorated instead of buying new tree baubles.  The WI President kept them and they will be reappearing on their tree in the church this year.
  • Their three-year old potted Christmas tree will be making another outing.
  • Craft sessions making tree decorations from natural materials eg. pine cones, twigs, plus fabric scraps.
  • Wreath-making materials will all be natural as far as possible (bar the wire frames).

In terms of celebrating creation, Baston is surrounded by arable farming and they are situated on the edge of the fens so everyone will be encouraged to get outside and enjoy the countryside.

Maryon will be displaying a copy of 'Nine Ways of living gently on the Earth' from You can read a copy of that here.

There are more details about the Christmas Celebration of Creation on the Events page of the diocesan website. 

Pictured below is the tyre Christmas tree.