Bishop David spoke on BBC Radio Humberside's 'Pause for Thought' this morning. 

The following is edited and abridged from that recording. 

'How very good and pleasant it is when the brothers, and sisters, live together in unity' says one of Bishop David’s favourite lines from the Book of Psalms. He goes on to say: "It can also be hard work and incredibly destructive when it doesn’t happen. When the high hopes and expectations we have of each other in each of our relationships hit against the cold reality that he [Bishop David] realises that he is just as capable as messing it up and souring those relationships and getting it wrong as anyone else is."

Which is why he comments it was good to receive in the post last week a copy of a short course called 'Pastoral Principles for Living and Learning Well together' which has been produced by the Church of England. It looks at some of the things that stop us living together in a way that leads to the mutual flourishing we all hope for.

It names six pervading evils – ignorance and power, fear and prejudice and silence and hypocrisy. Each one of of which can destroy the kind of communities we want to be, we want to be part of. 

He goes on to read a prayer.

Listen to the recording here.


This item was published on Wednesday 26th May 2021.