Dear Friends, some of you may have followed my journey on the Diocese of Lincoln’s Facebook page.  For those who didn’t, here are a few pictures taken along the way:  the inside of Dunblane Cathedral - one of the Church of Scotland parish churches that until the Reformation were seats of bishops; the inside of St Ninian’s Cathedral, Perth - the first cathedral built in Britain after the Reformation and an expression of new-found acceptance of Scottish Episcopalianism; outside Aberdeen Cathedral - it was a cold morning (!) and the Pictish standing stone near Nairn - which my friends suggested had an early form of a bicycle engraved at the bottom … (!)


We covered the 407 miles without major incident, though the kindness of strangers was demonstrated when three people stopped to help us with a puncture.


I felt supported and encouraged throughout both by those who were riding with me and those who were following at home.  And that support really made a difference - there were times when I could have happily caught a bus home - had there been any buses.


So thank you for your support, and thank you, everyone, who donated to the Bishop of Lincoln’s Ready for School Fund - we have reached our £1000 target. However please feel free to donate if you haven't already.

You can donate here at


This week I was privileged to share in the Schools’ Festival in Lincoln Cathedral on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Each day the nave was filled with young people.  It’s quite possible that some of those children will have received support from the Fund.  If so, then all our efforts will have been worthwhile, because what I saw was enthusiastic, interested, Spirit-filled young people who were excited to be in a holy place and to be able to sing and pray together.’

The Rt Revd Dr Nicholas Chamberlain

Bishop of Grantham


Bishop of Grantham