The Parish of Boston is leading three new projects under the banner of 'Boston Connected'. The theme that runs through all three is hope.

Revd Aly Buxton said: "We are in the midst of a time of significant change and insecurity. Each church is discerning the right way to serve their community by bringing Christ’s light and his hope into the centre of all our anxieties and sadness. In the Parish of Boston, we want to provide an opportunity for people to pray, to mark with respect the sacrificial offerings of others and to rejoice in unity.

"We hope that these three Boston Connect Projects will provide a focus for the town to come together. Let us pray for each other. Let us shine a light of hope and let us, by knitting numerous and colourful flowers, rejoice in the creativity of life and our love of all humanity."

The three projects are as follows:

Boston Connected: Community Prayer - Thursdays at 12 noon (poster)

Prior to lockdown, every week people would light candles in St Botolph’s and leave prayers that would be prayed by the ministry team. Unfortunately, due to the closure of churches this is not possible at the moment. We invite you to send your prayer requests to us. We will pray them, both in our private prayer times and once a week in our Prayer Service at midday every Thursday. When you send in your prayer requests you will be invited to join us for this short time of prayer via ‘Zoom’. You are also most welcome to join us even if youdon’t wish to send in prayer requests.

To send in your prayer requests, please email [email protected] or call (01205) 310929

Boston Connected: Community Lights (poster)

For centuries St Botolph’s has stood at the heart of the community of Boston. Through golden days and tragedy, it has been an icon of the community and of the Christian faith. During these unprecedented times, like others throughout the world, we are enduring challenges, hardship and tragedy, both as individuals and as a community. We want to mark what we are all going through and so our iconic church will be lit every Thursday evening as a symbol of respect, solidarity and hope. It will shine as a beacon to honour those who endure. It will shine as a light of hope in the darkness of these times.

A poster can be found here.

Boston Connected: Flowers of Hope (poster)

As a world, nation and community we are facing another challenge, a silent enemy which is destroying lives, businesses and hopes. Yet there will be an end to it, and when that happens, we will plan to reopen St Botolph’s Church and commemorate all we have been through and celebrate the future ahead. As part of this we are asking you all to pick up your knitting needles!

This time we want you to raid your scrap boxes and get knitting flowers! We will then display them on panels representing the four seasons of the year, to make a colourful and inspiring image of hope.

It doesn’t matter what pattern you use, or what colour. The only guidance is that your flower heads should be no more than 12.5cm (5inches) please.

Make as many as you want to or can and keep hold of them until we are able to re-open. As soon as this happens, we will be in touch with details about how to get them to us!

Happy knitting!