We have received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended the recent clergy gathering and thought we would share it with the wider diocese. 

Words such as ‘brilliant’, ‘re-energising’ and ‘powerful’ have been used by attendees and you can read some quotes from them below: 

Bishop David shared his thoughts on what the gathering meant to him:

“It is a privilege to be part of the team leading the diocese at this time. There is, I believe, a definite sense of hope and fruitfulness which is hugely encouraging.

“The gathering was an incredibly  timely opportunity to come together as a diocese, to reaffirm our sense of family, unity and togetherness. This theme of being united together in love clearly emerged in Bishop Victoria’s address."

Here are some thoughts from people from around the diocese:

“I found the gathering very encouraging and stimulating. The addresses from Bishops Victoria, David and Nicholas were inspiring and thought provoking. There was much that resonated deeply with me, and I think with many” said Revd Rachel Beck. She continued: “It was a joy to be able to gather and worship together, to meet new people and to share something of our faith journeys in small groups.”

Father Wayne Plimmer said: “It was my privilege to be asked to Chaplain the Gathering. It was a very special few days. The three Bishops were so good in their very different ways, encouraging the clergy in challenging times and reminding them of their call and recalling them to their 'first love.' Powerful stuff.”

“I had a brilliant time. Bishop Victoria was inspiring and challenging in equal measure and it was great to catch up with old friends and have the opportunity to meet new ones” said Revd David Shenton.

Revd Rosamund Seal was asked to prepare a prayer for the final Eucharist which is posted below. In it, she has aimed to capture how many people felt, giving thanks to Bishops Victoria, David and Nicholas and asking God for his support as we journey through life.  

We stood on holy ground - in a sacred space

We thank you for

Bishop Victoria

Bishops David & Nicholas

Friendships renewed

New friendships made

Precious conversations

The opportunity to re-connect with our calling

All that we took away which nourished us and will sustain us

We pray for all those who, for whatever reason, were unable, or felt unable or unwilling to be with us.

Keep each of us faithful to our calling

Be with those who are just starting out in ministry and those who are coming towards the end of theirs

Be with us as we continue to wrestle, both with ourselves, and with others

Be with us

in times of exhilaration and joy

in times of exhaustion and despair

in times of nourishment and hope

in times of emptiness and doubt

Lord you have called us and you send us, each of us beautiful but broken; beautiful but broken, like Jacob, limping, to bring healing into your beautiful but broken world and to your beautiful but broken people.