Elizabeth Page looks back on a special event in the life of the Mothers' Union in our diocese...

On Tuesday, 25th September 2018 more than 50 Mothers' Union members and other visitors came to St Benedict’s in Lincoln to celebrate 50 years of the Mothers' Union in that place. The day included midday prayers and a short service led by Bishop Christopher, during which the bishop recounted the life of the centre and praised the work offered by members over the years.

The displays from 1969–1991 (when the building was held by the Mothers’ Union under licence) and post-1991 (when the building was refurbished by the Mothers’ Union) will remain in place until we close. At a meeting of trustees held on 1st October, it was decided to close the coffee shop on Saturday, 1st December. This will offer time to clear and move the office to St Peter at Gowts, and to sort out and box archives, etc ahead of the beginning of the new triennium at our new office on 1st January 2019.

Thank you to everyone who supported and visited on this day and over the years.