There are a number of staff leaving the Board of Finance by the end of December 2020 so here is a short update to keep people abreast with changes in staffing at Edward King House and the Board of Education together with details of who they can now refer queries to. In the first instance this is by email as all staff are still currently (as at December 2020) working from home and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Leavers from the Diocese of Lincoln

  • Marie Isaac, Mission and Ministry Team Administrator
Marie said: "The Mission and Ministry team are a really tight team both in the office and since we have been scattered due to the pandemic and I have really enjoyed being part of it."
Richard Steel said: "Marie played a significant role in drawing the two teams together and was an excellent administrator who we all, in our different ways and needs, relied hugely on. She will be much missed."

For queries please contact:

Richard Steel, Mission Team Leader for any queries about mission or for invites to preach, at [email protected]

Sarah Spencer, Discipleship in the World Officer is the point of contact for Setting God's People Free, #EverydayFaith, the Bishop's Social Justice Fund and other social justice issues. She is also the Diocesan Environmental Officer. Her email is [email protected] 

Jane Hodgson and Hugo Cobham, Stewardship Officers manage and advise on all things relating to Stewardship. This includes the Parish Giving Scheme, Giving Reviews, Wills & Legacy Giving, Digital Giving and Gift Aid. 

Jane Hodgson, Stewardship Officer [email protected]

Hugo Cobham, Stewardship Officer [email protected] 

Dr Sally Buck, Warden of Lay Ministry. Sally works with people in formalized lay ministries. She can help with questions about discernment, training and ongoing practice. She can be contacted at: [email protected] 

The Revd Dr Sarah Lawrence, Initial Ministerial Education Phase 2 Officer. Sarah is responsible for the provision of training days for those recently ordained deacon or priest, and for supporting curates and their training incumbents and other advisers.

  • Nicholas Turner, Properties Manager

Nicholas said: “There have been many good times over the year with lots of laughter and the sharing of jokes. There was always a sense of comradery as everyone pulled together as one team working for the good of the Diocese.   

“I have many memories of the different ‘characters’ that I have met and worked with during my time and I have many stories that would not be politically correct to say these days!  

“I hope the housing stock has improved over the years. One of the first houses I remember visiting I was given a brief that the vicar was complaining about a ‘few cracks’ but when I got there it had a gap in the front elevation that was so large I could get my hand into it up to my wrist. The whole of the house was bowing out and coming away. Obviously it was structurally unsafe and I had to make a few phone calls to get emergency works carried out.    

“I am sure that with everyone working collaboratively together with trust and faith there will be better times ahead for the Diocese. I wish all my friends in the Diocese all the very best for the future.”  

For queries please contact:

Andrew Drummond Hunt, Diocesan Surveyor, on [email protected]

Annie Gash, Properties Officer, for day-to-day clergy housing repairs, vacant houses, clergy house occupation etc on [email protected]

Diane Goulden, Properties Technician, for the improvement, alteration and maintenance of clergy housing on [email protected]

  • Mickey Wardlaw, Assets and Trusts Officer

For queries relating to the glebe estate, land registrations and other similar matters please contact Andrew Gosling on [email protected]

  • Sue Wilson, PA to the Archdeacons

Sue said: “I have enjoyed my time at the Diocese and I have made some wonderful friends. Being off during furlough made me realise that I quite enjoyed having time for myself so retirement seems the best outcome for me!”

Please refer any queries and emails to Tom Wilson, PA to the Archdeacons at [email protected]

Leaver from the Diocese of Lincoln Board of Education

  • Sally Doughty, Office Manager at the DBE and PA to the Diocesan Director and Deputy Director of Education

Sally has worked for the Board of Education for 27 years and is leaving to enjoy her retirement. During her tenure she has worked for five Diocesan Directors of Education (DDEs) helping the current DDE Jackie Waters-Dewhurst for eight years. 

Jackie said: “Sally has worked tirelessly for all of those years building wonderful relationships with clerks, Bishops Visitors and head teachers and providing an amazing source of support and strength to the DDE and the Senior Leadership Team.

“I am so thankful for the support that she has been to me over the past 8 years. She will be missed both by the team at 103 Newport but also by the wider church school community.”

Sally said: “Currently my husband does all the gardening so I am keen to learn and to work on my green fingers. I have already ordered a greenhouse so I hope that is a good start!”

Please contact the two people listed below with any queries.

Tracy Smith – 01522 504010 and 07541 620158 – [email protected]

Ellen Cross – 01522 504010 – [email protected]