In early February, children from St Lawrence Church of England Primary School in Skellingthorpe took up an opportunity to share their gifts, singing before a very appreciative audience at a national Church of England education conference in London. Here, in their own words, and with some accompanying photographs, the children reflect on a day to remember...

This has been a trip of a lifetime – we enjoyed every little part of it. First of all, we would like to say a huge thank you for the donation of £500 from the diocese; we will not forget this once in a lifetime opportunity.

On Thursday the 6th of February, 20 of the year six pupils had the privilege to go to London, Westminster Methodist Hall to represent iSingPOP. It was such an amazing experience as we got to perform with schools and students from all over the UK – Manchester, Essex, Worcester.

We started the day with an early rise; we drove to Newark train station and were overwhelmed with excitement for our day that was ahead. When the train finally arrived, we got into our seats and the train started to chug, chug, chug away. We had many things to entertain us, such as: drawing, stickers and Top Trumps. We were on the train for over an hour, which gave us time to relax after the early wake-up.

Once we had arrived at King’s Cross station, we felt amazed and privileged as our school and the local church had given us this opportunity and we are eternally grateful. We made a quick, five-minute walk to the Underground, where we got onto a few busy and bustling tubes. When we got off our final tube, we realised that the tube station was too rammed, so we made a quick decision to walk to the grand Methodist Central Hall in Westminster.

When we arrived, we were mind blown by the size of Westminster Hall; it was made out of pure white stone and marble. On all the stairs they had gold-like metal banisters, which led to fancy rooms and long corridors. Rooms for the rich and famous. Once we had put our bags down, we went into the main hall for a rehearsal of our iSing POP songs. It was a magical moment, a gathering of people to sing songs worshipping God and Jesus. Shortly after the rehearsal, the seats filled rapidly like a huge clear blue wave coming onto the golden, crispy sand. People patiently took turns waiting for their time to read a speech to inspire many people of the country.

This was it, the big moment, the time we had been waiting for for weeks, the time we could sing our hearts out to many different varieties of people from all around England. People started to fill the many seats that were in the hall in front of us. Once they were all full, it was time to start – we took our seats and for the next hour and a bit we sang till we had no breath left, taking in every second of it. Our hearts were pounding against our chests and a warm feeling arose in our stomach. It was an emotional time to see so many people gather together in unity.

After our wonderful singing concert, we ventured towards Buckingham Palace to see the beautiful sights of London. Miss Slade was intercepted by a police officer, who told us about the Queen’s 68th anniversary of her accession to the throne, which was AMAZING to see. We heard the 41-gun salute in Green Park and the saw the troops on horseback.

Then we walked to Burdett-Coutts & Townshend Foundation CE Primary School to do a workshop with an iSingPOP leader to learn a new song (‘Celebrate’) and to practice the song ‘We’re All One’. We then travelled by foot back to Westminster to perform the last song and close the conference.

It was our last time singing in Westminster Hall so we sang like there was no tomorrow. It was like we were floating; all our worries left us, leaving our mind crystal clear and with happy thoughts.

After this, we saw Big Ben, although it was sadly covered in scaffolding like a blanket on a cold winter’s day. Then we walked over to see the statue of Winston Churchill, the man who made history. We imagined having a statue made just for you and to honour you for what you have done for our country.

At golden hour, we saw the London Eye and took pictures of it with a golden beam on it. Then we went to Trafalgar Square – we saw a statue and an amazing, crystal clear fountain. Nearby was the statue of Nelson’s Column; it was guarded by four lions that stared out onto the fountain. 

Sadly it was soon time to leave, but we will always treasure this day forevermore as it was a once in a lifetime time because we were surrounded by our school family. We would like to thank the diocese for donating a whopping 500 pounds to let us have this school trip – we are eternally grateful. We would also like to thank iSingPOP and our teachers, who guided us and let us have this break. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.  

As we’d had a wonderful day visiting London, we can look back on a great experience. We were sent home on a train travelling past 9 3/4 station (Harry Potter).

This has been one of the best days we have ever had and we would love to come back. However, it had been a really long day and we were glad to come home. Once again, thank you.

This item was published on 10th March 2020.