Revd Michelle Godbold, Rector of the United Benefice of Graffoe, started her ‘Coronavirus Care List’ back in the middle of March when worshippers asked people in their local community if they needed a daily phone call to ease loneliness and to talk through any worries they may have.

A month and a half later and the volunteers from the church who make the phone calls are still very much in demand. Michelle said: “Our scheme is going great guns, we have 79 people on our coronavirus carelist and we have 74 volunteers in total, some of whom run errands and others who are self isolating man the phones.  Our five co-ordinators keep everything running smoothly.  So far we have made 1,500 phone calls to those who are isolated for a friendly chat and to make sure people are OK, we have done 62 supermarket shops and 25 weekly meal deliveries, 34 prescription collection and deliveries and a variety of other small errands such as posting letters. We are all enjoying being able to take part and make a difference.

“The feedback that we've had from people on the list and their next of kin has been extremely positive and grateful, with one person commenting 'wouldn't it be great if all this could continue once the world switches back on'!

“There is so much good work going on around the diocese and elsewhere but I was touched by a small thing that Babs Howard, one of my parishioners, has been doing where she lives in Navenby, south of Lincoln.

“Bab’s is 80 and she lost her husband last year so this is a difficult time for her.  She told me about how the community in the cul-de-sac where she lives has developed over the coronavirus outbreak.  On Good Friday, they were having their usual coffee morning, which takes place on their driveways, and she told them that she would be marking Good Friday with a hymn and some prayers and that she would like it if people would come and join her - which they did. She is lovely, a very committed Christian and her witness is plain for all to see.”

Babs said: “My neighbours were very good and kind before the coronavirus outbreak but this has really brought us all together. Everyone helps each other with shopping, picking up medications and cutting grass. It’s all about kindness.

“Everyone knows I am a Christian and when my daffodils were getting a bit battered I cut them and gave a bunch to several of my neighbours together with a Christian postcard with a nice message on it. These were planted by my husband so it was nice to share them.  

“I mentioned at our Good Friday coffee morning meeting that I would be out at 3pm singing Amazing Grace and would anyone like to join me for a prayer and eight or nine people did which was lovely. We are all just trying to be good neighbours and there is now a different atmosphere in the road. Goodwill gets you through things. There are a few older people in our road and it could be very lonely being stuck in the house all day so our meet ups and kindnesses really help everyone to get through the day.

“On VE day we will be having a special driveway meet up. We are all going to wear red, white and blue and get our flags out. I have found the words to some old songs and we are going to sing them and enjoy some cake together.

“Michelle is a wonderful priest, an inspiration and very special. She does great work in the community. I think this pandemic has taught us that there are better ways of living and that we need to look after each other and not leave anyone behind.”