Although Christingle services can be traced back to the Moravian Church in the 18th century, it was Lincoln Cathedral that first brought the tradition to the Church of England on 7th December 1968, under the guidance of John Pensom, a Children's Society fundraiser who was known affectionately as ‘Mr Christingle’.

Fifty years on, on 7th December 2018, Lincoln Cathedral hosted a special Christingle service during Lincoln Christmas Market with Bishop Christopher and the Dean, and Christingle services continue to be popular events in the diocese and further afield.

As the Children’s Society reports, ‘For 50 years Christingle has played a vital role in supporting vulnerable young people. And since then, the money raised from donations at services has helped over one million children get the one-to-one care and support that they so urgently need’.

As well as the service in the evening, part of BBC Breakfast was broadcast from the cathedral during the morning, with presenter Matt Taylor speaking with the Dean, the Ven. Christine Wilson, and some of the younger members of the choir.

Further information on Lincoln Cathedral is available here and The Childrens Society here.