December provides one of the highlights of the year for members of Grimsby Minster Choir - one that is a little unusual.  As well as the usual round of carol and Christmas services, the choir has a long-standing tradition, going back decades, of singing at Grimsby Fish Market.

This requires a very early start as they perform before the auction starts at 7.00am, singing carols on the main auction floor whilst the iced fish is being sold to merchants around them.  

Once they had finished, they then retreated upstairs to the canteen for a well-earned breakfast (and to defrost), before rounding off the morning singing a final carol there.  It was then back to their usual routine with the choir members going their separate ways either to school or work!

Steven Maxson, Organist and Director of Music at Grimsby Minster said: "This must be one of the strangest choral traditions but is one that is always very much enjoyed by choir members and is much appreciated by those at Grimsby Fish Market.

"As well as being traditional, the carol service at the fish market is a wonderful way to maintain the link between the Minster and the docks, and to remind younger choir members of the importance of the fishing industry to the town both historically and now. 

"The link is further reinforced at the Minster as we invite people to tell us the name of one of the trawlers sailing each week so we can pray for its crew and we also remember all the fishermen in our weekly intercessions."

Pictured below is Steven Maxson