The list of confirmation services planned around the diocese throughout 2019 has been published.

If ministers wish to present candidates for confirmation at one of these services, please ensure you inform the parish priest at least one month in advance of the service and return your ‘blue' form to the parish priest at least two weeks in advance.

Candidates for confirmation are asked, by the bishop, to prepare a short paragraph in response to the following question:

Why are you choosing to be confirmed at this time in your Christian journey?' 

Please submit these paragraphs to the parish priest along with the ‘blue' form.

The list of services may be found here: Word file / PDF file

The details for the service to be held in the Haverstoe Deanery are yet to be confirmed and will be circulated in due course.

If you have any queries, require contact details for the parish priest, or are not able to open the attached files, please contact Georgie Hewitt via email.