CPAS - Making Mission Possible is running another of their 'Leadership in Lockdown' webinars; this one is called 'Back to the Future'. All sessions are run by James Lawrence, Leadership Principal at CPAS with the aim of encouraging people to reflect on their leadership during lockdown. 

There are two previous webinars to view - the first one being Leading well through transitions and Rhythms, Rest and Focus. These are available here.

For the third webinar they write the following:

'A crisis involves unexpected problems and unprecedented opportunities. Wise leaders ensure they address both.'

The Church has done some amazing things over the past three months. The summer lies before us. Lockdown is easing for now. Church buildings can open up in limited ways for gathered worship. Leaders now face some difficult decisions. Surveys reveal many of us are exhausted, and when tired it is easier to take the path of least resistance. But... this may be a once in our lifetime kairos moment for the Church. We have been stripped back, and now we can reset.

This webinar will explore how we can lead through the next two months to make the most of the missional opportunity before us. Can we embrace the possibility not simply to return to how things were, but to look back in order to build a stronger future?

The webinars will take place on the following days and times. The course is free, please click on the link to book:

This story was published on Thursday 2nd July 2020.