York University has been researching the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on churches and it has recently published four resource documents (Creative Discipleship Ideas for this Christmas and Advent; Christmas Ideas for Families; Christmas Ideas for Community Engagement and Ideas for Christmas Services) that are based on the good ideas provided by the thousands of people who completed their online survey and have taken part in 1:1 interviews. 

The ideas are centred around the Christian faith but are largely transferable between denominations and are not 'buildings based'.

You can download the PDFs as below:

Creative Discipleship Ideas for Christmas and Advent

Christmas Ideas for Families

Christmas Ideas for Community Engagement

Ideas for Christmas Services

The Church of England's Church Support Hub also has a wealth of other resources for churches that are available to download:  https://churchsupporthub.org/download/hamper-of-christmas-ideas-for-churches

 And there are links many other Christmas resources on our own Resource page