The following is paraphrased from County News Winter/Spring 2019/2020, the magazine from Lincolnshire County Council. The full article can be found on page 16.

The council has recommissioned the dementia service to deliver information, practical advice and guidance across Lincolnshire. The new arrangements aim to help residents and their families get swift and effective support.

The Dementia Support Service contract, commissioned by the council, has been awarded to the Lincolnshire Parternship NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT).

The dementia strategy sets out the council's commitment to a dementia support service promoting resilience, healthy lifestyles, and physical and mental wellbeing. 

The use of community-based LPFT workers will draw on the expertise and dementia specialists already in position to provide timely advice and guidance. 

The new service aims to:

  • Support people with dementia to live at home for longer
  • Provide practical guidance and information to families and carers
  • Offer one-to-one advice on the condition and its diagnosis and management
  • Provide signposting to appropriate services and community resources
  • Help with support when a person is ent home from hospital
  • Offer timely and practical advice in planning for the future
  • Encourage access to activities promoting physical and mental well-being, such as art sessions, exercise, social activities, golf and singing groups.

To access the Dementia Support Service, either for yourself or a loved one, email:

[email protected] or call 0303 123 4000.

Anyone already accessing the service will continue to be supported as before.

More information is available on