The Lincoln Diocesan Trusts and Board of Finance Limited has received a grant of £447,000 from the Archbishops’ Council as part of a nationwide scheme to support parishes in the Diocese with rising energy costs.

The intention is to direct this funding to support the mission and ministry of parishes.

These grants will be one-off grants and will be given at the discretion of the Bishop’s Senior Staff. The deadline for any funding applications will be 31st January 2023, whereupon the applications will be reviewed and allocation of funds agreed. Parishes should receive payment by the middle of February 2023.  

The funds will be provided on the following basis:
- 75% of this funding has been apportioned equally to type 1 and 2 churches, as they are open more regularly for worship and this funding has been offered to assist specifically with energy bills.

- The remaining 25% is available for other churches who are conducting mission and ministry activities within their church which will require energy grant support.

 Application form can be found here.

Notes for completion:
For those PCCs covering a number of church buildings, please include your total energy cost across your buildings in £s, as found in the parish annual accounts.

The information you provide on the form will be used to determine the PCC’s eligibility for a grant. Information provided about energy saving initiatives will be shared with the Project Group leading on our Net Zero Carbon priority.

Summary information about the grants given will be reported to funding organisations and Bishop’s Senior Staff.

The forms will be kept for 6 years in a secure password protected environment and then be treated as confidential waste.


If you would prefer an alternative format such as a hard copy form, please contact [email protected]