Church of England Communications Training offers details of a forthcoming free event...

A great image really is worth 1000 words. Pictures convey mood and meaning. They generate emotion and can be the centrepiece for good design. Team that with understanding the psychology working behind the page and the screen and that’s the ground we’ll be covering in the second Dynamic Design webinar.

In this FREE hour-long session we’ll examine concepts like Z-flow and why it is vital for page and poster design.

We'll answer the questions of where can I source copyright-free photos and how do to I take better pictures myself?

And understand why the difference between RGB and CMYK images is so important and gain an understanding of the importance of the Rule of Thirds, editing images for their essence, and the difference between pixels and vectors.

The webinar will focus on design principles and is not about which software package to use.

The Dynamic Design 2 webinar will air at 12.00 BST on Friday, 4th May 2018. Sign up for your free place here.