Steven Maxson is the Musical Director at Grimsby Minister and during lockdown ran a poll via their Facebook page to gather votes for ‘Grimsby’s favourite hymn’. To mark the unveiling of that special song (not his choice!) he livestreamed the countdown as part of the Great Grimsby Hymn Sing that is now available to watch as a film via their Facebook page. The recording includes 11 eleven hymns, as four were in joint eighth position.  There is a mixture of live singing and hymns which had been recorded during the previous weeks. People were encouraged to sing along on the day as all the words were provided. 

Music is provided by Steven who plays the organ as well as providing vocals and accompanying him with her beautiful singing is Andrea, his wife. 

Steven said: “In these difficult times we thought it would be nice to stream some music that worshippers could join in with so we came up with the idea of doing a poll of Grimbsy’s favourite hymns.  I encouraged everyone to join in making it clear that no-one else could hear them on the video so they could sing their hearts out! 

“There were four hymns in eighth position one of which was ‘Eternal Father Strong to Save’ which is in effect Grimsby’s national anthem. My favourite hymn is ‘O Thou, who camest from above’ but that only came in 6th. It has been my favourite hymn since childhood, and is a wonderful mix of beautiful words by Charles Wesley, and a stonkingly good tune by Samuel Sebastian Wesley. My wife is a huge fan of Elvis, so when it came to singing ‘How greatest thou art’ we were joined by Elvis – a life-size carboard cut out of him which I bought as a Christmas present for my wife some years ago. He also made an appearance in one of this week’s Chorister e-rehearsals, much to the amusement of our Choristers.

“The feedback has been very positive and many people wrote to tell us how much they enjoyed it which is wonderful.”

Here is the list of results:

Joint 8th place - Great is thy Faithfulness
Joint 8th place – Eternal Father, Strong to Save
Joint 8th place – The day thou gavest
Joint 8th place – How shall I sing that majesty?
7th - Thine by the glory
6th – O thou, who camest from above
5th – I, the Lord of sea and sky – Pat the curate’s favourite
4th – Guide me, O thou great redeemer
3rd – How Great thou art
2nd - Praise by soul the King of Heaven  
1st - Dear Lord and Father of Mankind