Revd Andrew Jackson-Parr, Vicar at All Saints Church in Bracebridge, has taken his love of running to new levels during the coronavirus outbreak as he runs or walks and makes deliveries of food and medications to the vulnerable and the isolated.

He explained: "During the first couple of days of the lockdown, a number of my church community were in need of essential items, food and medications and I volunteered to pick these up and deliver them where needed.

"I had a few conversations with our local pharmacy and it seemed that those who are vulnerable and isolated were really struggling to access medications. I volunteered to drop off a couple of prescriptions as they were on my route; four weeks later and we now have a team of volunteers delivering dozens of prescriptions per day across the south side of Lincoln City.

"Very quickly the need for bits of shopping became apparent so I regularly pick up essential items for those who are having difficulties shopping online or getting deliveries. I started off in the car doing these trips but I soon thought about the impact this was having both on the environment and the falling level of petrol in my car. So I swapped four wheels for trainers.

"As an avid runner I doubled up making deliveries with my daily exercise and in the past four weeks have clocked up over 200 miles of running and walking. I do need to be careful as there is an injury risk when increasing the amount of running you do in a short space of time so I slow it down and do long walks on some days so I am able to stay injury free. I am not sure my wife Christine is happy as all this time on my feet means I will soon be looking for a new pair of trainers - I can’t say I am sad about that!

"We have been linking with the City council and other Church groups in Lincoln and there is now a network of support available to those who are in need.  I am glad to be playing my small part in these difficult times delivering supplies to those most at risk within our communities.

"I’m not sure I would ever get a job with one of the major delivery companies as I spend too long on each delivery. Maintaining safe distance of course, people want to talk, to share worries, concerns and good news and have that face-to-face interaction that they are missing so much. I am meeting more and more people within the local area and have even booked a wedding and two baptisms for when the outbreak is over! I am really looking forward to working with those families when we are able to. In the meantime we all do our best to help in any way we can."

This story was published on Thursday 23rd April 2020.