John Truscott is a church consultant and trainer specialising in every aspect of church organisation. He is passionate about helping the Church to become effective for Christ in all it seeks to be and do. 

He works with Christian leaders, managers, trustees, planners, communicators and administrators.

On his website he has a wealth of free materials you can download and use. These include  major articles, training notes (2,000 words maximum) and health-checks that are detailed models for testing churches, mission agencies and individuals.

The training notes cover many topics in the fields of communication, administration, leadership, management and planning. 

The pandemic has changed the way churches communicate and ‘church’ going forward may look quite different from what it has done in the past.  So here is a small selection of Training Notes (TN) that you may find useful. But there are many more on the website.

Speaking to camera - TN123 - Many people in the diocese are using Zoom and Facebook and other technologies to stream videos but are you guilty of filming up your nose by having your camera sited below you.  In these notes there are tips on set-up; camera position and light; background and personal appearance and demeanour; delivery and props and extras. 

What to avoid on your website – TN113 – Does your website have one of the 18 ‘questionable’ features? Is it up to date?

How not to write a newsletter – TN63 – John covers the seven most common mistakes.

Making a case for change - TN121 – how to present a case for change to win over a possibly hard to convince group of people.

This story was published on Monday 11th May 2020.