Revd Cameron Watt, Priest in Charge of the parish of South Lafford writes:

"This Easter, we wanted to share a message of hope with everyone in the parish, both as we move out of lockdown, but also to reinforce the resurrection message of Christ. So we put a card and candle in a bag and gave one to every home in the parish in the week before Easter.

"The parish is made up of fifteen rural communities, and this was a way of uniting everyone together for the Holy Festival, all at the same time. It also built upon the sending out of palm crosses across our congregations in time for Palm Sunday. My family and I had fun making up the bags and enclosing the cards in envelopes, for people in our community.

"Through information on the cards, in the Parish Magazine, and across all the local social media groups, everyone was encouraged to light their candle at some point on Easter day as a sign of light and hope across the whole parish.

"The feedback, from people of faith and not, was very positive and many expressions of thanks about being cared for by their local church were received. A typical piece of feedback from a non-churchgoer said, 'Just such a touching card to receive, and so welcoming too".