The VE day spirit is being kept alive in the village of Keelby (near Grimsby) as members of St Bartholomew's church were determined to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the WWII, even in lockdown.

Leading the decoration party in the churchyard (at a distance) was Jay and Janice Lingard, Fran and Marion Hewis (Mother and daughter), Georgina Parker and 'Big Frank' Tapp.

The Nativity display box was turned into a teddy bears street party, bunting was fixed across the trees and the Easter cross became a place where the community are invited to place anything that has red, white or blue on it.

Below is the message that was placed on the cross:

There was an event in history
That gave us freedom through Victory 
If you want to remember the “few”
Just add some, red, white and blue