You may well have heard the phrase 'LLF' in a number of conversations. Today it is a reality, as after three years of preparation the national church launched the resources for Living in Love and Faith.


We want to ensure that you hear from us personally that the whole church is invited to begin a new process of discernment and decision-making on questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. As bishops we are pledged to use these resources and we would like to invite you to use them too. We warmly recommend them to you.


Equally, we are very mindful of your workload and the demands on your ministry, especially at the moment. Therefore, our shared diocesan engagement will begin next year, to give the time and prayer that the process properly deserves - although we plan to move swiftly now to appoint the Advocates for LLF that the House of Bishops recommend. At the moment, we invite you to explore the different resources that are immediately available through this link  By exploring the resources you will get a better idea of what 'LLF' is about.


Please also view the video if you can through this link.  We both look forward to the conversations that the diocese will have in the coming year and to contributing to the national process in which Bishop Nicholas has a role as a member of the Next Steps group.