We have recently been joining in with The Church of England’s #TimeToPray series of prayer prompts. The weekly themes focused on healing the sick (11 January), praying for Christians of all denominations (18 January), peace in the world (25 January) and all who travel (1 February).

Last week, our prayers focused on all whose work requires them to travel. We invited individuals and organisations in Lincolnshire to share their experiences and prayers for those who make journeys as part of their role and for people in the transport industry. The request for prayer from The Fishermen’s Mission is particularly affecting, given our diocese’s close connection to the coast and the fishing industry, plus the additional factors that impact their role such as emergency response times.

Praying for our local airports and all those who work there or from there, particularly in these times of restricted air travel and with significant impacts on the aviation industry and those associated with it, such as tourism. Praying for those who are continuing to travel globally, facing the risks associated with the virus but on a global scale.

Praying for those who work on the railways, on the buses and in the transport hubs - those who enable our travelling in this rural Diocese.
- Teena

Pray for all those who cannot work from home and through necessity need to travel to work. We pray for retail, healthcare, logistics personnel, factory workers, public sector staff and public transfer staff. Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer
- David

Praying for all who work in any transport related industry, for garages and bike shops that keep our transport options running... And for all those whoever they are as they make their daily journey to work.

Praying for the wellbeing of hauliers, transporters, food distribution drivers, vehicle operators and farm workers who are working hard in difficult circumstances to maintain supplies and access to food, medical supplies and all that meets our daily needs.
- Sarah

Father God , The Fishermens Mission ask for prayers for those who work and travel the sea, Fishing is still considered the most dangerous peace time job, injury or ill health at sea can be fatal when on land medical care is close at hand. Earnings can fluctuate greatly as most are self employed with income based on the catch. During the covid epidemic this has become even more of a struggle for them, and brexit is now causing problems for those left still able to Fish. In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour
- The Fishermen’s Mission, North East England

Thank you to all who shared their prayers this week, and across all of our #TimeToPray posts.

The #TimeToPray themes will return again later in the year.

Further prayer resources can be found on The Church of England’s Time To Pray app and podcast and the Prayer for the Nation section of their website.

If you would like to be a part of a local praying community, you can find more information about The Community of St Hugh by clicking here.