Like many other parishes, The Wolds Gateway Group are streaming live services on their Facebook page every day with the morning office led by the Revd. Pam Reeves. On Sunday mornings at 10am they have created 'The Faith Space’.  Revd Mark Hutson, Pioneer Minister in the Wolds Gateway explained: “The rationale behind the Faith Space is just because we can’t be in the same place on a Sunday morning; we can be in the same time and space. And because we can’t share bread; we can share the Word of God. We make space for faith.

“We are so surprised and happy as it has just taken off beyond any expectations” Mark said. “The morning office is being watched in places like India and the far East (we don't know why!).

According to Authorised Lay Minister and web administrator, Emma Maskell, “The morning office seems to have drawn a bit of an international audience! We have 'likes' from someone in Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Pakistan. This is a great success!” 

Mark continued: "We are getting 200-300 people tuning in on a Sunday – we don't get that in the churches! This is a time of blessing. I have spoken, on how Jesus calms the storm and how as a church we will grow by being underground – just like the persecuted church around the world.

"I have spoken about the parable of the mustard seed; how by being buried in the dark, it has the opportunity to grow. Just like we have, during this time that we are surrounded by darkness.

"I also talked about the crushed church at Smyrna from the book of Revelation. This place became wealthy because of its production of myrrh, which, when crushed, makes a beautiful incense. Like the church at Smyrna we are being crushed by this virus. But just like Jesus we will, as a church, resurrect."

This story was published on Monday 6th April.