St Wulfram’s Church in Grantham has installed a small chamber organ – a box organ – in the Lady Chapel. The instrument, built by Kenneth Tickell in 1990, was bought with a generous grant from the Pilling Trust in support of the worship and musical work with young people at St Wulfram’s Church, with the grant secured through the ongoing support of the Philip Lank Trust.

The organ will be used regularly to accompany the church’s youth choir as the teenagers sing Choral Evensong on Fridays, and the organ will be played for the first time and dedicated in the service on Friday, 20th April at 5.15pm.

In addition to the thriving choral set-up at St Wulfram’s, regularly involving over 50 children and teenagers in worship, there are nine students learning to play the organ, and this instrument will serve as an additional facility for them.

In recognition of the role of the church as a major centre for teaching young people the organ, this weekend the church will host the chairman of the Young Organ Scholars’ Trust (YOST), Christopher Cowell, who will speak and make a presentation to the students at Sunday evenings service of Choral Evensong (22nd April at 6.30pm). The full choir will be singing at this service.

As the new term begins, there is some space in St Wulfram’s Church’s boys’ and girls’ choir for new members. Dr Tim Williams, Master of the Music at St Wulfram’s, is keen to hear from parents of potential new choristers, especially those in school years 2, 3 and 4, about entry to the choir. The adult choir is also seeking new members, particularly tenors and basses.

Dr Williams said, “This is such an exciting time for music at St Wulfram’s, and we are especially grateful for the huge dedication and enthusiasm of so many young people in our choir and music department. We are delighted with the gift of a new box organ, which will be a huge asset to us in many ways. It will definitely be used – a lot!”

For enquiries about services, the organ or joining the choir, please contact Dr Williams by email.

Further information on St Wulfram's Church may be found here, and it is possible to ‘follow’ St Wulfram’s Church Choir on Facebook.