HOPE Together reports that a new website has been launched to help people to pray.

HOPE Spaces was launched at the start of 2020 and invited churches to use a public place as a space for the spiritually curious to explore prayer. Then the world went into lockdown. Undeterred, HOPE Together has developed a virtual HOPE Space at www.hopespaces.com.

Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf, who inspired the project, says, As lockdown began and research showed that many non-Christians were exploring prayer, we looked online and found that most websites about prayer were for practising Christians. So we began to develop a virtual HOPE Space online, where people can post their prayers and explore ways to engage with God in prayer.”

www.hopespaces.com is a multimedia, interactive site for anyone who wants to try praying, the spiritually curious and anyone looking for hope. It includes a specially made film to help people call out to God and a virtual HOPE prayer wall where anyone can post a prayer. There’s also a meditation on rest to watch, plus content to help visitors think about their life’s direction and pray for justice or peace.

Where churches are able to create a physical HOPE Space in a church building, an empty shop or in an outdoor space, there are ideas and downloads for six different prayer stations available on the HOPE Spaces web page, developed in partnership with 24-7 Prayer. www.hopespaces.com can also be displayed as part of a physical HOPE Space.

“We hope that Christians will use social media to invite their friends, colleagues and neighbours to explore prayer at www.hopespaces.comand we hope churches will add a link from their website to this new resource,” says Rachel.

www.hopespaces.com is part of a larger HOPE Together initiative at www.hopeforall.org.uk. Here, the spiritually curious can also read stories and watch videos about people who have found hope through faith in Jesus.

This article was originally published on Tuesday, 28th July 2020.