New year launch Christ-Centred Mindfulness Practice and Christian Theory


Christ-Centred Mindfulness starts on 3 January, but you can reserve your free place and listen to a sample track now.

You’ll get 10 Biblical guided prayer times that incorporate mindfulness and 10 short talks from leading expert Revd Shaun Lambert who answers questions such as: Is mindfulness biblical? How does practising mindfulness help us avoid distractions? And how does it help us draw closer to God? Shaun is a Baptist Minister, expert on mindfulness, favourite speaker at New Wine, and currently based at the Scargill Community in North Yorkshire.


'I hear the love and gentleness of God in Michelle's voice. The prayers have helped me connect with God and feel his peace'

- Lois McCracken


It’s been produced by Discovering Prayer whose ministry is to inspire everyone to have a joyful and fulfilling relationship with God. Our inspiration is drawn from the Anglican monastic traditions. Founder Michelle Eyre was once a novice at St Mary’s Convent, Wantage and is seeking to make the wisdom of nuns and monks available to this new generation. 


You’ll be joining thousands of people across the world in prayer, a great way to start the new year.