This year the diocesan offices at Edward King House in Lincoln will be closed from 5pm on Friday, 21st December 2018, and will reopen on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019. 

As in previous years, arrangements have been made in the event that emergency repairs are required at diocesan properties. In such a situation, those living in diocesan properties are asked to first please call Nicholas Turner (Properties Manager) on 07711 88 59 68. Nicholas will then make contact with our regular contractors, who have kindly agreed to provide emergency cover during the Christmas period.

If it is not possible to contact Nicholas, then occupiers may contact one of the tradesmen listed in this document (Word / PDF). Failing this, then it is permissible to contact a local tradesman who can deal with emergency situations.

In the meantime we would like to wish all in the diocese a very happy and peaceful Christmas.