The Revd John Leach (Growing Disciples Officer) writes...

This year we are once again encouraging our churches to join in with the global ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ movement during the days between the Ascension and Pentecost. There won’t be a central cathedral gathering this year, and we hope local churches will make the most of the novena. There are two things which can help you as you plan for this:


The main TKC website has a selection of videos which will help you promote TKC in the parish, as well as a link to a further website where you can browse and order a selection of printed materials. We have a limited number of the Prayer Journals in the Resources Room (at Edward King House in Lincoln) that are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.


As part of their national tour, the team from Lambeth Palace will be coming to the diocese to run an ‘Inspire and Enable’ event, to help us to think through how we might make the best use of the TKC novena and its resources in our local churches. A separate flyer (below) gives details of this event, and how to book for it.

So what might we do?

TKC begins with the conviction that prayer really does make a difference, and that the more focused and specific our prayers, the easier it is to see the difference they make. So we want to use this special opportunity to join with the Anglican church (and many others) worldwide to focus our prayer on the mission and growth of the Church, just as Jesus’ first disciples gave the same period to fervent prayer for the gift of the Holy Spirit to equip them for their mission.

Individually – people might be encouraged to use a resource such as the Prayer Journal in their own daily prayers at home. Have a look at the website (see above) to see what is available to help.

As a parish – you might want to plan a season of morning, midday or evening prayers at which people can gather. You may also wish to consider whether the children’s resources would be useful to you in your ministry to local schools.

As a grouping – if you are grouped with other churches, you might want to use the opportunity to gather together for prayer and worship. Pentecost Sunday (31st May 2020) is a fifth Sunday, when many groups choose to worship centrally rather than in individual churches.

As a deanery – you might organise a deanery service or prayer event at some point during the novena, or even a deanery service on Pentecost Sunday. If you would like to invite an outside speaker, we can help.

You know your own situation best, and you know what is more likely to work for you, but now is the time to begin to plan for TKC. The Mission Team are here to help and encourage in any way we can.

For further help, or to request free copies of the Prayer Journal, please contact me by email or call 01522 50 40 49.

Details of the ‘Inspire and Enable’ event are available below: