As Christmas approaches people may be looking for a carol service or other event at their local church or further afield – it could be yours!

Data from A Church Near You (ACNY), the Church of England’s FREE church website portal, shows that 80% of users are visitors coming to the site for the first time so this is an amazing opportunity for local churches to reach out to people in their community. Annually the site has nearly 1.2 million users and 23% of churches that engaged with the site saw an increase in attendance figures. ACNY is at the heart of all the Church’s national campaigns.

Data for Lincolnshire shows that sadly, some churches in Lincolnshire do not use the website and others have messages in their inboxes that have not been read. These could be from people asking about services, marriages or baptisms so it is important that these are looked at.

The website can be found here:

If you need help with accessing your mail box, including resetting passwords, the webpage for the helpdesk can be found here. To clarify, the diocesan communications team do not have a list of passwords or logins and we cannot reset these as every church is their own entity and sets their own list of editors.

If you already have a separate website of you own you can link to it from the ACNY site but it is important to have your profile complete and to keep up-to-date with messages.

The diocese of St Albans has produced a funny video titled ‘Choir Wars – the battle of Christmas carols’ to illustrate the effectiveness of everyone being together on A Church Near You – you can view the video here: