Through the 'pastoral phone network' in the Wolds Gateway Group; Pioneer Minister the Revd Mark Hutson was made aware of a family that had been hit particularly hard during this time of crisis.

Mark said: "The family had been reduced to living off food parcels delivered by a local charity. If that wasn't difficult enough, the family of six also had to contend with one of the children spending Easter in hospital with sickle cell disease."

That evening the Revd Mark sent out an email appealing for help and prayer and he set up an emergency food bank in the vicarage garage. By lunch time the next day the box in the garage was overflowing and monetary donations started coming through the door.

Mark and his girls delivered five bags of food (at a distance) to the very grateful family. The appeal for help and prayers was answered again as by the end of the afternoon the box was full again!

Mark said: "It just goes to show that a crisis can bring out the best in people. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed food and money to help this family."

This story was published on Tuesday 21st April 2020.