Fr Sebastian Mattapally, Rector in the Springline Group of Parishes remembers Revd Bill Williams who passed away recently.

Bill began his ministry as a young boy in the Congregationalist Chapels of South Wales where his Grandmother instilled in him a love of good solid hymns and sermons that make you think.  She always believed he was destined for ministry and he was a regular lay preacher in the pulpit of his local chapels.  He remained proud of his Welsh roots and his distinctive lilting accent gave comfort and strength to many.

Bill was always called to serve God and the people, but the call of industry in South Wales is as strong and he settled in Lincolnshire via British Steel where he married and brought up his family.  In addition to everything else he achieved he was married to his best friend Jenny for 50 years.  Throughout his career his service to the Church was long and varied, he was an enthusiastic Sunday School and youth group leader, a Church Warden, then a lay reader and finally an Ordained Priest.

Bill was the much loved chaplain at John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough for many years, supporting staff and patients alike, his listening ear and wise advice always available to those who sought it.  Bill also served as a priest in the Lawres and Corringham Deaneries where his administration and managerial skills were as valuable as his spiritual gifts.  A colleague described his giving 101% as a person and as a priest.

Bill was active until the Covid-19 lockdown prevented him being visible in the Diocese, but he remained a source of friendship, support and comfort to his flock and his colleagues right up until he accepted his final calling to Our Father suddenly and peacefully on Easter Day, 12 April 2020.