As Christians we believe that every person has a value and dignity which comes directly from being created and loved by God. We try to treat everyone in a way that reflects that belief, and that means doing everything we can to make sure that our church is a safe and happy place where everyone can explore and express their God-given identity without fear of harm. This places a duty on all of us to remember safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Because safeguarding team members and senior members of the bishop’s staff take leave during August and early September we wanted to ensure that there is adequate safeguarding support and information available to all parishes and church bodies.  Please read the following information carefully and pass a copy of this information on to anyone you believe needs to be aware of the safeguarding cover arrangements in place

All the policy information is to be found at and also in the safeguarding section of the Church of England’s website

We know people often have lots of questions, about what to do in a particular situation, about when to take action, and who to report issues to.  We have made arrangements for the Parishes and other Church Bodies to have access to a specialist Christian Safeguarding Service during August and September. They are called Thirtyone:eight and anyone can call them on a dedicated helpline to get advice and guidance on safeguarding issues.

The safeguarding helpline number is 0303 003 11 11.  It’s staffed by a team of caring and experienced safeguarding professionals Mon-Fri, 9am- 5pm, with an out of hours’ emergency service for urgent calls.  

However if you need support because someone has made an allegation of abuse against a member of clergy, a member of parish or diocesan staff or a church related volunteer then you can contact:  Penny Turner Deputy Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser Direct on: 01522 504080  or email: [email protected]  

You should also contact Penny about any cases that she is already aware of or any of the Safer Church Agreements that are in place in relation to those who pose a risk to others who are part of or want to be part of a worshiping community.

If you need advice because you receive a disclosure of past or current abuse within church context, including domestic abuse and a victim or survivor needs support, you can contact Gemma Marks-Good our safeguarding advocate [email protected] Tel: 01522 504079

Safeguarding Training Coordinator Lucy Russell will be working throughout August and she will be contactable on 01522 504057 or email: [email protected]