Walk Through The Bible is to provide training relating to a resource that is designed to help engage children with the Bible through links with local schools.

The training, which is to be held at Edward King House in Lincoln from Wednesday, 11th – Friday, 13th March 2020, will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn to teach an overview of the Bible in an engaging and interactive way. 

It has been said that personal invitation is a very effective method of encouraging people to undertake this training, and so please do share details of this event with others that might find this of interest.

The following is an overview of the training:

Day 1 

9am12.30pm: What does a WTB session look like? 

1.305pm: OT1 Beginnings (Genesis)

Day 2

9am12.30pm: OT2 Moses (Exodus Deuteronomy) 

1.305pm: OT3 Promised Land (Joshua Ruth)

Day 3

9am12.30pm: OT4 Kingdoms (1 Samuel 1 Kings) 

1.305pm: OT5 Exile (2 Kings Malachi) 

Booking information may be obtained by contacting Zoe Cubitt via email.