Schoolreaders is a charity that recruits volunteers to listen to children read in primary schools. The service is provided free to schools and  demand is high. There are other avenues to becoming a school reader - you can contact the Diocesan Board of Education for advice or contact your local school directly and ask them if they need help.  

The charity is in need of more volunteers in Lincolnshire as there are many children who won’t have had enough reading practise during lockdown. In a normal year, one in four children leave primary school unable to read well and children who struggle with reading are more likely to live in poverty and be unemployed as adults.

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak most children will have missed a term of school, so the reading gap will be now even wider and  the volunteers are needed to help prevent them falling further behind. 

The scheme has proved very successful, not least because all parties benefit including our volunteers who derive great pleasure from seeing what a difference a few hours of their time can make to a child’s reading ability and enjoyment. 

Here is some information from their website about the application process.

What's required to become a schoolreader? 

If you have some time to spare, a good grasp of written English, and if you enjoy spending time with children, you could become a Schoolreader. You do not need any particular educational qualifications. Volunteers are drawn from all walks of life, and range in age from 18 to 92. 

We do request that you commit to a minimum of a year's volunteering during term times, and will require you to agree to our Code of Conduct and have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check carried out.  Click here to find out more about the DBS.  

Getting started

You need to fill in an application form, either online, or by post. You will then be contacted for an interview either by telephone or in person. 

On successful completion of this stage you will be asked about your availability, the distance that you can travel and any other personal requirements. These are used to find the 'best fit' of school with which to match you.

What next?

Once a match has been made, you will be given the name of the school.  If you accept the match, you will be contacted by the nominated school to arrange a mutually suitable time for you to visit.  We will send you a helpsheet so that you know what to expect at this first meeting.  Usually, you will be given a tour of the school, start the process of your DBS check, and meet staff and children. The school will then be in direct contact with you regarding a convenient start date. 

Schoolreaders will keep you informed at every stage of the application process and your Schoolreaders contact will remain available to support you and answer any queries on an on-going basis.

It can take time to make the best match

The joining process is simple and we will make every effort to get you started as quickly as possible.

Please note, however, that depending on your location, individual circumstances and the level of need within local schools, it can take anything from two weeks to three months to place you.  On very rare occasions, a match cannot be found.